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Important Notice

July 1, 2013

To: Hungate Family Historical Society, Inc
From: Lloyd Hungate, president

Subject: Results of Special called business meeting

The purpose of this Special Called meeting was to discuss dissolution of the Hungate Family Historical Society, Inc. On June 23, 2013 forty (40) members of the society gathered at the Activity Center in Christiansburg, Virginia in conjunction with the Eastern States Annual Reunion. At that meeting the Board of Directors offered the following resolution:

"The Directors hereby resolve that the corporation be dissolved and terminated by distribution of all its assets to one or more public charities, filing of appropriate articles of dissolution and termination with the office of Secretary of State of Missouri and filing a final information return with the Internal Revenue Service indicating termination of the private foundation status of the corporation by distribution of all of the corporation assets to a public charity. The officers of the corporation are directed to take such other steps as may be necessary and appropriate to accomplish the foregoing".

After an appropriate question and answer period the resolution was approved by a vote of 38 yes votes and 0 dissenting votes.

It is the opinion of the Board that the action of dissolving and terminating the corporation will take several months to accomplish all the paper work and to distribute the assets. We are therefore requesting that no more funds be forwarded to the corporation after July 1, 2013. We will be working with the counsel of Thompson Coburn LLP law firm in St Louis, Missouri in closing out and distributing the assets.

There will be one final Hungate Journal published which will be Volume 13 #4 and all families that have paid their dues by July 1, 2013 will be eligible to receive this final publication at no additional cost. Family updates included in this publication should be made to Sandy Hungate, Editor in Chief. In the mean time any one interested in purchasing any of our publications which are in stock may do so until the supply is exhausted or until distribution to appropriate charities have been made. The National Reunion tentatively planned for 2014 is cancelled and no more National Reunions will be planned.

The action taken to dissolve the corporation does not affect the Regional Reunions. It is hoped and expected that the Eastern States Regional Reunion under the direction of Peggy Gregory will take place annually in Virginia. It is also hoped and expected that the Mid States Regional Reunion under the direction of John Kasky will take place biennially in Illinois. Please support these gathering.

It has been suggested that there are members who desire to continue the Hungate family genealogical updates and events by means of social media. The officers of the society encourage those who have aspirations to do this to follow through and to organize it using a new set of nomenclature. Keeping in mind, however, that that all existing publications are copyrighted and material contained therein is proprietary.

Data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses can be furnished as a help to anyone who wants to set up such an organization.

Respectfully yours,
Lloyd Hungate, president


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