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      Frequently Asked Questions

    What happen to “Hungate Family Historical Society, Inc.”?
    "The HUNGATE FAMILY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Inc." which was a 501(c)(3) Corporation and qualifies as a Non-Profit tax-exempt corporation. Discontinued in mid-2014 due to declining membership and lack of interest of the younger generation of Hungate's.

    Where can you find volumes of “Hungate Family Historical Society, Inc.” Journals and Documents?
    Benton Public Library, 502 S. Main Street, Benton, IL 62812B, has all volumes:

    Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, has all volumes:

    Click Here-Search Hungate Must create Fee Account - Has Hungate Journals and Documents. Once you create account, you can add your Free Family Tree.

    What was “The Hungate Massacre” at Sand Creek?
    Indian Massacres in Elbert County, Colorado: 1864 Hungate and 1868 Dietemann Murders. The Hungate murders fuel the thirst for retaliation, but the Indian war of 1864 is really about the subsequent raids along the trails of immigration and freighting.

    Are you looking to travel to North Yorkshire UK?
    Check out the Hungate Cottages. Hungate Cottages, Pickering, North Yorkshire:
    "The beautiful Roman city of York is located about 20 miles from Hungate. Soaked in history, there are countless attractions to take in over your stay"

    Whare is "Hungate Canyon"and "The Hungate Trail"?

    "Hungate Canyon" - The BLM manages some beautiful and rugged lands that lie along the high cliffs and plateau flatland along and above Moses Coulee, including those along the Hungate Canyon Trail:

    "The Hungate Trail" - The Hungate Trail in the Palisades. By Jaana Hatton.
    "I stumbled across the Hungate Trailhead by surprise on a trip to the Palisades. I had not seen this trail listed anywhere before — online or in guidebooks — but there it was with a clearly marked sign pointing to the start of the trail.":

    Interesting, have you heard of the “Hungate Culture Tube”?
    The Hungate Anaerobic Culture Tube was developed for growing and maintaining anaerobic bacteria and culture conditions.: